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web logoThe Paperless School Pty Ltd is an e-learning platform schools “The Paperless School” (www.paperlesschool.co.za) and Colleges & Universities “Learn Paperless”(www.learnpaperless.com). We seek to assist students, parents and institutions in adopting technology for learning through the use of the following:

1. E-textbooks
2. E-learning Tablets
3. Learner Management Systems
4. Online Bookstores
5. Content Access Point (Free WIFI Connectivity in the School)
6. Training workshop for teachers, lecturers, parents and students

While some of the schools have gone completely paperless in their everyday teaching and learning, to some this has been a challenge due to lack of finances, lack technological skill among staff members, technophobia, risks of security i.e. theft and burglary. In the light of these challenges, The Paperless School responded to challenges by offering these services to parents at the comfort of their homes, these also comes as a cry by individual parents who feel their children are left behind in schools that seem to delay and not want to go paperless regardless of its immense benefits .

The Paperless School provides:

1. FINANCING :  at  0% Deposit get a Paperless School tablet. We provide finance for parents who want to provide to their children E-learning Tablets with preloaded e-text-books, video classroom lesson, e-learning apps that are both CAPS, IEB aligned in both English and Afrikaans.

2. E-TEXTBOOKS: to provide e-textbooks for students,schools and tertiary organisations, learning going green.  DID YOU KNOW that e-textbooks are up to 60% cheaper than printed paper textbook.

3. E-LEARNING TABLETS – we provide 10 inch e-learning tablets that are customised for students learning environment, that are durable, factory preloaded with educational content, delivered to you at your doorstep, provide warranty and support services at convenient service point nationally.

4. STRATEGIC PLANNING AND ADVISE: Should your school be willing to go paperless we provide expert advice, in planning, and implementation and FOREMOST provide affordable e-learning tablets, interactive boards, networking, installations and support to the school.


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