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“Learning Gone Green! Use E-Books and Learn Paperless, Save Trees Save Lives”

The Paperless School Pty Ltd

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eTextbooks provider from renowned publishers, locally & International like, Pearson, MacMillan, Cambridge University Press, Cengage, Elsevier and many more

eTextbook Features

  • Fully Downloadable, Offline/Online access
  • Interactive, Highlight, Share Notes
  • Support all mobile smart devices, phones, laptops, tablets
  • Cheaper than printed

Mission & Values

The objective of the Paperless School Pty Ltd is to encourage learners, tertiary institutions, schools, organizations, business and governments to collectively start using e-text books, promote e-learning and use of tablets, phones, laptops for both online and offline access.

We subscribe to the  call by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for businesses and communities to recognize the opportunities related to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening resilience. We strongly encourage the using e-books as a very significant way of saving trees for a positive climate change and the only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to getting everybody involved.

Our Online Platforms

We run two online e-textbook platforms "The Paperless School" www.paperlesschool.co.za for Primary & Secondary School AND the "Learn Paperless" www.learnpaperless.com for etextbooks for Tertiary Institutions, Universities,Colleges and TVET Colleges.

We provides E-textbooks in different disciplines of study through the strategic partnerships and provide e-learning solutions through the following

  • Strategic partnerships with publishers worldwide to provide a one stop online shop to instantly buy e-textbook and e-books.
  • Provide  e-learning solutions i.e e-learning tablets, e-textbooks and financing for purchases though EduLoan
  • Provide Publishers with technology to convert, create and distribute their content as E-books through our partnership with VitalSource, Ingram Content Group. Vital Source is the leading and largest e-textbook provider  worldwide with more than 1000 publishers,  17 languages in 170 countries

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” – Scottish Proverb

Our e-books are accessible online and downloadable for offline access and can be used on your mobile phone, tablet, PC and laptop. We use the VitalSource BookShelf e-book reader compatible with Windows, Android, IOS,MAC, Chrome & Kindle.


We provide a very broad range of Textbooks,from local and international publishers and

90,000 Reading Skills
53100 eTextBooks
4800 Writing Skills
132,000 Critical Thinking

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