Mecer 84″ Interactive Board

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Mecer 84″ Interactive Board. Standard with Interwrite Software Suite. Finger touch, multi-touch. 2 Pens included.


Operating Systems Win XP / Windows 7 / MAC

mouse Simulation Click, drag, double-click, right-
click Mouse
Multi -touch 2-point-gesture in Windows 7
Calibration 4 point to 25 point
Touch Parameters
Touch times Unlimited
Touch activation No pressure required

Touch method Finger, brush-pencil, special
pen or any opaque object

Response time ≤ 10ms

Operating 0˚˜55˚C
Storage temperature ˗40˚˜75˚C
Humidity 10% – 90% relative humidity
Environmental Meets the ROHS standard Software
Interwrite 3.0 for Windows
Interwrite 2.1 or MAC


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