“Forgiveness: Filmscript and Filmstudy” (9780190407162) ePUB


Forgiveness: Filmscript and Filmstudy

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Forgiveness: Filmscript and Filmstudy
G. Latter; I. Gabriel; S. Brighton
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Oxford University Press Southern Africa
Oxford University Press Southern Africa

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The film script of the beautiful South African movie, “Forgiveness”, is a welcome addition to the FET (Further Education and Training, Grade 10-12) English classroom. The introductory notes, giving background on the making of the film and personal insights from the director, are powerfully personal and create a “first-hand” feel that appeals to teenagers looking for answers. It also allows educators to go into more detail in “Film Study”, as this section can be used in conjunction with the film, or as a “stand-alone” resource. The book offers the full authentic script of the award-winning film; comprehensive links to the curriculum; thought-provoking (as well as educationally sound and creative) activities that guide learners and teachers through the character study, themes and cinematography; and a glossary of useful terms. It is set out in an easy-to-use format that is non-threatening and accessible, with translations of any Afrikaans dialogue. As indigenous films make waves on the international market, I hope more and more resources like this become available. They will build pride in the cinematography that tells South African (and African) stories, as well as give a deeper knowledge and understanding of the power of film generally. In addition to all this, the story is worth ready too!


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